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Research project

The project was designed to develop composite materials for special applications primarily in automobile interiors and in transportation packaging systems (e.g. pallets). Essentially it involves adapting the material composition to suit the various requirements. In particular, numerous additives are being optimized, such as bonding agents, uv stabilizers or smell inhibitors, as well as fibre morphology and matrix polymers used in the process. Another concern related to materials development was to perform a systematic analysis of the interactions taking place between the various material components.

Eco-balancing is a method commonly used by the industry to evaluate sustainability claims for numerous processes and products. This project was set up to assess, evaluate and discuss available eco-balance information related to bioplastics.

The purpose of this study is to perform a market analysis for renewable raw materials in the year 2011. The IfBB expert team is responsible for the area of bioplastics within this project.

The goal of the project is to utilize the combined knowledge of the project partners in order to establish processing guidelines for bio-based polymers that are relevant for industrial or technical uses. This “how-to manual” is being compiled to help avoid faults in the processing of bio-based materials and prevent the use of flawed components. It is designed to enhance the existing basis of information with regard to the processing behaviour of bio-based polymers. Eventually it will help to make the use of bio-based processing materials more attractive.

Source: ALBA DASS Betriebs GmbH

The State Capital Hannover and the Hannover Region, along with 18 other cities, townships and other administrative districts received a federal award in May, 2012, after succeeding in the „100% Climate Protection Masterplan“, a nation-wide competition to honour special achievements and initiatives in climate protection and energy use reduction.