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Research project

Source: IfBB

In cooperation with BASF SE and VICTOR Güthoff & Partner GmbH, the IfBB is conducting research to investigate the influence of biodegradable plastic materials, in particular Ecoflex and Ecovio, on the recycling behaviour of LD PE as a typical foil material.

In recent years biopolymers, including their production and applications, have been receiving greatly increased attention among the plastics industry. End-of-life options for biopolymers, however, continue to focus on composting only. It is time, therefore, to investigate alternative disposal options, which allow cascade usage and thus have a higher potential for sustainability.

Source: IfBB

The market for biopolymers has been growing significantly in recent years. However, biopolymer applications usually have been limited to short-lived products such as compost bags and single-use cups and plates. The main focus in these products was on their suitability for degradation and composting.

Source: IfBB

Corresponding with the information and product platforms maintained at the Agency for Renewable Resources, relevant information on biopolymers is currently being compiled and presented as a database for all interested users. As of now, more than 700 different types of material are known within the field of biopolymers. New materials, examples of products, or applications based on biopolymers, enter the market almost daily. About 1.2 million tons of biopolymer materials, reaching a market volume of EUR 4.5 billion, were produced in 2011 worldwide.

Source: IfBB/Volkswagen AG

The aim of this project is to develop natural-fibre reinforced panelling components for application in vehicles of large-scale production, without decline regarding the material and flow properties.