Research projects

Quelle: IfBB

In collaboration with the companies Oberpfälzer Kunststofftechnik and Barthmann Recycling, the IfBB of the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts intends to develop a new and innovative composite material made from (bio-)polymers and recycled cellulose fibers that can be processed by injection molding.

Quelle: IfBB

The undesired input of plastics into the sea will never be completely avoided, even with global disposal and avoidance strategies. At the center of the research project "Bio-based and biodegradable plastics - solution option for the marine litter problem (MabiKu)" is therefore the question for the IfBB whether and in which areas of application marin-degradable plastics can be a solution in the fight against pollution of the oceans.

BioFuture you can find on the website of the project.

Quelle: HAWK_Stefan Born

The aim of the project is to make the mechanical and thermal properties of natural fiber reinforced plastics and bio-based hybrid fiber composites even more efficient and resistant with innovative plasma treatment and reinforcement. The plasma functionalization should realize a simultaneous plasma modification of the fibers, the polymer matrix in the extrusion process (nature-based short fibers) and in the production process of hotmelt tension bands (nature-based long fibers).

Quelle: ContiTech MGW GmbH

The project will use a feasibility study to identify the potential for substituting petrochemical plastics in the engine compartment with bio-based plastics and composites. In order to find new, technically demanding fields of application for bio-based plastics, it is necessary to close the existing property gaps.