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() The IfBB – Institute for Bioplastics and Biocomposites at the Hochschule Hannover - University of Applied Sciences and Arts welcomes the plastic strategy published by the European Union and sees in the strategy many approaches for new research areas – also for bioplastics. In addition to the consideration of the material cycle from the product to recycling, it would be desirable to take greater account of the life cycle analysis (from "start of life" to "end of life") of plastics, because bioplastics are clearly advantageous here. Bioplastics are already being used successfully, saving fossil resources and can contribute to environmental compatibility!

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() In recent times the problem of marine littering gained worldwide attention becoming one of the greatest resource management challenges. Marine debris is reported to be gathering in vast masses in the oceanic gyres creating a grievous problem and serious threat to aquatic life and subsequently to humanity. Numerous papers describing and estimating occurrence, possible sources, sinks as well as forms and amounts of plastic debris polluting marine environment are being published.