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Materials testing and analysis

Dimensional measurements on a plastic injection-moulded component, source: Fraunhofer WKI, HOFZET
Dimensional measurements on a plastic injection-moulded component, source: Fraunhofer WKI, HOFZET

In its laboratories for materials testing and analysis and in collaboration with HOFZET (Fraunhofer WKI), the IfBB conducts a wide range of tests aimed to develop and examine conventional materials, especially plastics, as well as bio-based materials (biopolymers, natural fibre reinforced composites, paper etc.) and other products made from renewable raw materials.

Materials testing, for example, uses a great variety of mechanical test methods (tensile, compression or bending test, hardness test and notched impact test, heat resistance, computer tomography). In addition, chemical stability and long-term properties are examined in various weathering tests.

Materials analysis includes e.g. particle and fibre analysis, surface analysis and tribological tests.

In addition, various other microscopic tests (scanning electron microscopy including EDX, light microscopy, heated table microscopy), thermal tests (rheology, dynamic differential calorimetry, pyrolysis) and optical measurement tests (fibershape) are carried out to reach a more precise interpretation of the data.

Technical equipment

  • Universal testing machine Zwick/Roell Z100 Allround-Line
  • Universal testing machine Zwick/Roell Z020 Allround-Line
  • Tabletop test instrument Zwick/Roell Z2,5 TN zwicki-Line
  • Pendulum impact tester Zwick/Roell HIT25P
  • HDT and Vicat test system CEAST HV500 Instron
  • Dynamic mechanical analysis: DMA 242 E Artemis® Netzsch
  • Dynamic differential scanning (DDK/DSC): DSC 204 F1 Phoenix Netzsch
  • Rheology: high-pressure capillary rheometer
  • MFR/MVR flow tester
  • Flow spiral
  • Climate control cabinet ARS-1100 ESPEC and UV fast weathering device
  • Computer tomography
  • Various light microscopes
  • Heating table microscope Axio Scope.A1 Zeiss
  • Two scanning electron microscopes including EDX for elementary analysis, line scans and mapping
  • 3D digital microscope
  • Particle, fibre analysis and characterisation by Fibershape
  • Colour and gloss meter
  • Contact angle meter and tensiometer DCAT 21
  • Moisture detection with Aquatrac + and Aquatrac-3E
  • Density determination with electronic analytical balance EL204/01
  • Microtome