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Source: IfBB
Source: IfBB

In the online database for the processing of bioplastics the practitioner can receive information on various processing methods of almost 100 bio-based plastics. Data are available for compounding and injection molding, thermoforming, fiber reinforcement, extrusion blow molding and flat film production. Furthermore, there are parameters for joining techniques, flow bhavior, colorability and much more to put into test.

Source: IfBB

The new IfBB Biopolymer Platform is the first internet information portal for bioplastics to offer general access, free of charge, to extensive market-relevant and technical data on bioplastics, available for download in a single transparent and comprehensible way: comparative market figures for various materials, regions, applications, parameters affecting the production of various bioplastics, for example process routes, land use or resource consumption, production capacities, geographic distribution, bioplastics manufacturers, etc.

Unrestricted, cost-free access and maximum data transparency shall serve as a baseline for entering into more fact-driven debates on all issues regarding bioplastics in the future.

Source: M-Base Engineering + Software GmbH

The Biopolymer Database, a joint venture with M-Base Engineering + Software GmbH and sponsored by BMLEV/FNR, is designed as a biopolymer information platform featuring the full range of commercially available types of material including their characteristic data as well as a component database with application examples. The database serves as a link between biopolymer manufacturers and downstream industries or the user.

Source: FNR

This database, which is sponsored by BMELV/FNR, offers information relevant to procurement decisions on products made from bioplastics and biocomposites. It includes information, e.g., on the proportion of biobased material used in a product, certifications and prices as well as names of contact and sales partners.