Material development

Quelle: IfBB
  • Goal-oriented and application-oriented material developmentof bioplastics and biocomposites
  • Additized and functionalized (plasma technology) thermo-plastic and duroplastic bio-based composites

Process engineering

Quelle: IfBB
  • Processing of biomaterials, adaptation of new materials to existing processing
  • Characterization and analysis of the processing behavior of the developed biomaterials
  • Providing processing information to theprocessing industry
  • State-of-the-art technical equipment in the Technical center for Bioplastics and Composites

Material analysis

Quelle: F. Bittner/Fraunhofer WKI
  • Wide range of tests aimed to develop and examine conventionalplastics and biomaterials (biopolymers, fibre reinforced composites)
  • Mechanical, thermal and rheological testlaboratories with weathering, extensive imaging and optical analysis, including computer tomography and scanning electron microscope

Circular economy

  • Recycling of biomaterials
  • Usage of residual materials for biocomposites
  • Marine degradability of biomaterials
  • Design for recycling

Sustainability analysis of biomaterials

  • Ecological assessments for products and processes
  • Life cycle assesments according to ISO 14040/44
  • Critical tests according to ISO 14040/44
  • Socio-economic evaluation in cooperation with Fraunhofer IBP - Holistic Accounting

Knowledge Transfer

  • Publications
  • Internet presence and databases
  • Events
  • Analysis of the biomaterials market
  • Coordination of the research cluster “Bioplastics” of the Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts
  • Information preparation for industry
  • National and international networking with partners