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Cooperative Project with Volkswagen AG

The aim of this project is to develop natural-fibre reinforced panelling components for application in vehicles of large-scale production, without decline regarding the material and flow properties.

Plastic materials with natural-fibre fillings have been available for some years. Interest in these materials has been growing continuously due to several factors including their potential for light-weight design, the public debate on sustainability, and the growing scarcity of resources. A critical factor for a widespread use of these materials however is their applicability in components which are highly complex in terms of their technology. This means that the materials must meet the high standards set forth by the automotive industry, with regard to their processing and usage properties including colour, smell, or mechanical characteristics.

Source: IfBB/Volkswagen AG

In this cooperative project, the IfBB – Institute for Bioplastics and Biocomposites is in charge of the overall material design under special consideration of the material-technical requirements of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This involves the conceptual development of the material formula, generation of the material by means of extrusion, its further processing to make test pieces and components, and the characterization of the resulting processing and usage properties.

Project framework

  • Project title: “Cooperative Project with Volkswagen AG”
  • Project partner: Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg
  • Project period: 3 years