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Building Two Information Platforms: Bioplastic Products and Composite Materials

Die Produktdatenbank ist bereits online und kann hier abgerufen werden


Corresponding with the information and product platforms maintained at the Agency for Renewable Resources, relevant information on biopolymers is currently being compiled and presented as a database for all interested users.

As of now, more than 700 different types of material are known within the field of biopolymers. New materials, examples of products, or applications based on biopolymers, enter the market almost daily. About 1.2 million tons of biopolymer materials, reaching a market volume of EUR 4.5 billion, were produced in 2011 worldwide.

Source: IfBB

Beside the bio-degradable polymer materials, in particular durable bio-based biopolymers such as bio-based PE, PET, or PA, have a strong potential for growth. In this project, and for the purpose of providing access to information, the various biopolymer applications are linked to product categories according to their respective market segments, for example office supply, catering, electrical goods, agriculture, packaging, etc.

Similarly, another platform is being set up which gives access to product information related to composite materials with natural-fibre reinforcements or wood flour fillings, including their applications.
Both platforms are established to form an interface for manufacturers and users and, besides, to promote bio(polymer) materials in the market competition.

Especially the public sector, with its order volume of about EUR 260 billion per year, could take a leading role in promoting climate and resource protection. With that in mind, the data compiled for the product database are so prepared as to form the basic input for the ’NawaRo Kommunal’ thematic platform, which helps to support public sector procurement of bioplastic goods and the like. By and large, the database serves as a central source of information on a wide range of topics, for example bio-components in materials, certificates, suppliers or other contact names, etc.

These endeavours began concurrently with the biopolymer platform. Within the given project period, data are entered and updated on a rolling basis in all platforms, thus enabling the user to make queries from the very beginning. The ‘NawaRo Kommunal’ database is already accessible online at

Project framework

  • Project title: “Building two Platforms: Bioplastic Products / Bio-Degradable Materials and Composite Materials”
  • Funding code no. 22010511
  • Trustee: Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR)
  • Funding: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)
  • Project partner: Tangram Documents GmbH
  • Project period: 01 June 2011 to 31 July 2013