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Quelle: IfBB

The data base of bioplastics is still inadequate or often not easily accessible for users in a compact form. In order to establish bio-based plastics in various fields of application, fast and up-to-date information sources are required that are easily and understandably accessible. For both manufacturers and consumers, the performance of the materials has no longer been the decisive factor. In the wake of constant discussions about the need for land and raw materials as well as the sustainability aspect, it is therefore necessary for the information to be well presented. The direct comparison with selected conventional plastics is also crucial, since substitution often takes place or is planned, but the problem is the availability of a too poor a data basis to even make a decision at all. Accordingly, a comprehensive comparison, for example of raw material requirements for bio-based plastics with their petrochemical counterparts, is to be shown. The focus is on the plastics PP, PE, PET and PS, since they make up a large material flow and are also established in the circular economy. The overall goal of the project is to create an online calculation tool with which data on area and raw material requirements of bio-based plastics can be interactively evaluated and compared with traditional bio-based polymer materials and conventional plastics.
This online calculation tool has the following advantages, which will be decisive for the further development of bio-based plastics:

  • Easily accessible, interactive, transparent and detailed facts about bio-based plastics for all interested parties, individually designable or calculable
  • More objectivity through interactive comparison options lead to an objectification of the often-emotional discussions “food vs. material use of renewable raw materials "
  • Central, "lively" exchange platform leads to more accessible data since the existing data situation is improved, for example through direct exchange with experts and industry experts
  • The acceptance and market penetration of bio-based plastics will be further increased in order to promote a social dialogue.

Project summary

  • Project title: BioPolyDat - Establishment of an interactive online calculation tool for land use and raw material requirements of bio-based plastics as well as provision of further comparative information on resource requirements (biopolymer platform)
  • Funding: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)
  • Sponsorship: Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR)
  • Project management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrea Siebert-Raths
  • Project responsible: Nico Becker, M. Eng., Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrea Siebert-Raths
  • Project Advisory Board: European Bioplastics e. V.
  • Duration: 01.01.2020 – 31.03.2022


Nico Becker, M. Eng.,