What is oxo degradability?

The IfBB has a clear opinion on oxo-degradable plastics and fully supports the Position Paper of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation:

In many countries, oxo-degradable plastics are manufactured and sold and many consumers are falsely convinced that these plastics of biodegrade nature. However, there is clear evidence that oxo-degradable plastics are not biodegraded, but only disintegrate into small pieces. Therefore, they are no longer visible to the eye, but certainly present, namely as micro plastics that pollute the earth’s ecosystem.

As a result, more than 150 organizations around the world advocate a new declaration requiring an international ban on oxo-degradable plastic packaging.

Oxo-degradable plastic packaging, including carrier bags, is often marketed as a solution to plastic contamination. It is claimed that within a period of just a few months to several years, they degrade to the point where they are harmless. New important indications raise doubts about these representations.