Are composites compostable?

The IfBB does not consider the composting of biodegradable plastics to be reasonable, but only where it is beneficial at the same time (e.g. biowaste sacks that can be composted with the contents, agricultural mulch films that can be plowed in the field, implants or Suture in medicine). The aspect of cascade use plays an important role: Bio based plastics should be recycled as often as possible before they are finally added to incineration. For example, the raw materials are recycled materially first and additionally in the second step in terms of energy. In contrast to petrochemical plastics, the burning (and also the composting) of bioplastics produces exactly the amount of CO2 that was absorbed during the formation of the underlying biomass. Moreover, if the material is still used materially before the energetic utilization, then the (cascade) benefit can be maximized.